Saturday, February 23, 2008

hurricane project

After a very long search for the perfect curio cabinet I found one on Craigslist. It is converted gun case so it isn't too decorative or fancy which is perfect! It is also the exact width for the space we had set aside for it which is amazing! So anyway with a huge storm just about to hit our city I decided to drive out, 45 minutes away to pick up our new addition. I made it back just before the winds and rain started and now I am planning on dressing it up a little bit and then filling it with as many of Richard's collections I can. One of the last remaining parts of our renovation and move in was figuring out what to do with his toy collection. I am so relieved and excited to start this project and I couldn't have a better day to do it. I am about to make some hot chocolate and start unpacking boxes. I will post and after shot once I get it all finished. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


We just came back from our trip to Fresno. We didn't have enough time to treasure hunt but we did manage to bring back a lot of amazing oranges and kumquats from my parents tree. I think we are going to use them in a champagne punch for the oscar party we are attending this weekend. is raining and awful here today but this amazing group of oranges makes spring and sun seem close...

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, today we are driving down to Fresno to see some family. We are leaving a little early to take advantage of checking out some of the best thrift stores in the world. See ya next week...have a great weeknend!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Valentines Day was very mellow and happy in these parts. Pizza and a movie. Bliss. I hope yours was happy too!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday in the city was so gorgeous! We headed over to the flea market and found a few items. nothing major but as always it was just fun to look around and hunt for gems.

We came back home in the afternoon and I worked on cleaning our back porch. I transplanted a a couple of plants into pots that I found at the flea market and just tried to enjoy the sun before it went down.

I am including a photograph of our Elkhorn Fern that my friend Charlie gave to us as a house warming present. It really loves its home on the porch and it just looked so happy today I thought I should include it.

That's it for now. Have a fabulous Monday!

apartment therapy post no. 3

Our third and final post is up at Apartment Therapy. ATSF asked us to be a part of their House Tour series and we were more than happy to say YES! It just went up on Friday so please have a look and if you like what you see feel free to leave a comment.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

apartment therapy blog post no. 2

I have another post up on Apartment Therapy. I wrote a little blurb about a great show I went to see in Berkely a while back. The show is up at the Traywick Contemporary Gallery. Above you will see a still of one of Kelsey Nicholson's pieces. If you want to see more please check out the post on ATSF and leave a comment. Thanks for looking!

living room windows

We have been in this apartment since September and as of last night we finally have living room curtains. For this project I didn't go all that crazy with making curtains I just found a few panels at Ikea that look subtle and up they went. I had such a hard time finding hardware and curtain rods for the bedroom project that I decided to use a very simple curtain rod that would be perfect to use...for now. I am sure the more I look at it the more I will want to change it but not until the spring.

Since we live on the top floor we don't really need curtains and I really like how open it feels without them. Lately, however we have had some really cold weather and our radiator just isn't doing the trick. As soon as I put up our curtains they started to make a difference. It was toasty in minutes!

My fear is that they look too romantic or conventional for our apartment. For the remainder of the season I will just think of them as practical and hope that by the spring I can come up with something that I feel a little bit more comfortable with.

I am posting before and after shots of the living room. It is really hard to believe that just a few months ago our ceiling was orange....

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

bits of sun and a few more friends

The weather forecast said rain but we had just enough sun on our Sunday to make it out to the flea market and find some new friends. The two little gems above were $1. each. I love the owl pot. I have a collection of owls and this little buddy will fit right in. I also found something I have been wanting to find for a while. Below you will see my new water tower. Welcome to the family!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 1, 2008

apartment therapy blog post

I am thrilled to be able to announce some exciting news. I am a finalist in the Apartment Therapy blogger search and my first post just went up today! I wrote a post about a fantastic store/gallery space called Mollusk. I had a look at the Thomas Campbell show, which was amazing. I also took some photos of their store and talked a little bit about how great the space is. The photo above is one of the interior shots of the shop. If you haven't been out there yet you should really try to make it a destination. They are such great people and the store is filled with gems. The Thomas Campbell show is awesome and will only be up for a few more days so try to get on out there!

We were also asked to be a part of their House Tour series and are waiting for the moment when they put our little apartment up on their site. I will post another entry here once it is up and running. In the mean time please check out the post I contributed for the blogger search and if you like it say something nice. (please)

Have a great weekend!