Wednesday, February 6, 2008

living room windows

We have been in this apartment since September and as of last night we finally have living room curtains. For this project I didn't go all that crazy with making curtains I just found a few panels at Ikea that look subtle and up they went. I had such a hard time finding hardware and curtain rods for the bedroom project that I decided to use a very simple curtain rod that would be perfect to use...for now. I am sure the more I look at it the more I will want to change it but not until the spring.

Since we live on the top floor we don't really need curtains and I really like how open it feels without them. Lately, however we have had some really cold weather and our radiator just isn't doing the trick. As soon as I put up our curtains they started to make a difference. It was toasty in minutes!

My fear is that they look too romantic or conventional for our apartment. For the remainder of the season I will just think of them as practical and hope that by the spring I can come up with something that I feel a little bit more comfortable with.

I am posting before and after shots of the living room. It is really hard to believe that just a few months ago our ceiling was orange....

Thanks for looking!


lottie said...

far better to be warm! I love your bench. it looks great in front of the window.

day at a glance said...

thank you lottie!

cindy said...

It's a beautiful makeover.
It does seem romantic, but more ina relaxing spa-ish way than an over the top girlie-girl way.

Very nice.

day at a glance said...

thank you cindy!