Sunday, March 2, 2008

hurricane project part 2

So now its March 2nd and I have no idea where the time goes. The hurricane project was finished on the evening of the 23rd and I am only now posting the finished product. I really need to overhaul the blog and get back to a better schedule. At any rate you will see a view of the completed cabinet above and photographs of all of the stage that led up to it. I have to say it fits in like it has always been here. The size is perfect the toys are happy and we have 4 boxes that are now gone. We still have one really big box that needs to be dealt with. I wish we could have fit more in the case but for now we are both really pleased with the outcome. I can start looking for the next display case in a month or so.

I first started with a great drawing that I found of the patent that Houdini submitted for a diving suit. I took it down to kinkos and enlarged it as big as it would go. I then cut the image down to fit the back of the cabinet and then attached it with a few well place staples. If I had it to do over again I might have tried to enlarge it to fit inside the case perfectly as losing any of the image is a little unfortunate. The image is great and even though you won't really see it the back of the cabinet much it still sort of bugs me. I may have to redo it.

After attaching the image I installed the shelves and then Richard and I opened the boxes of 'dudes'. I took the top shelf he took the bottom two shelves and within an hour we were done. I think it turned out great. I am so glad that he gets to see his boys and I had an excuse to buy a great piece of furniture. Below I am posting some detailed photos of the boys...and a few of the girls.

Thanks for looking!


claudia said...

what an original project!
i saw some toys i remember from my childhood!^^
colorful and a little odd, i definetely love it!

Cindy said...

The Houdini paper on the back is the perfect touch!
This is a great project.

meg said...

do I see a whistling chicken mcnugget in there? The cabinet is absolutely beautiful!

day at a glance said...

WOW! you do see a whistling chicken mcnugget in there! nice call!

Massagem said...

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becky from hatch said...

That is spectacular!