Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proper Ready Made article thank you!

I just wanted to use this post to thank Anh-Minh Le for making us sound cool in this months Ready Made Small Spaces issue. We are big fans of her blog and were really excited to learn that she would be the one writing about us. We also want to thank Alex Farnum for taking such great photos that made our little house seem huge. Alex is an amazing photographer and a really awesome guy.

I also want to thank Ready Made for liking us enough to do a story about our space. I have been a fan of the magazine for a long time. It was really nice to be included with such a great group. I would also like to mention that none of this would have been possible without Victoria at sfgirlbybay for posting a story about us last year. Poppy Talk did a little something after that, which I can't seem to find now and then Apartment Therapy asked us to do a House Tour. We are thrilled to be recognized by such cool folks.

I also want to thank everyone who helped me get through the remodel this time last year with all of your kind comments. It really helped me to keep going when I was exhausted and crying as I sanded the ceiling.

There is more to write and so much to catch up on but for now I have two photos from the day Alex was here photographing our place.

Thanks to all!

3 comments: said...

I just came over from Anh-Minh's site. What a fantastic blog and article, congratulations!

day at a glance said...

thanks rachel!

hallie said...

I have only too much experience crying and sanding the ceiling.
Love your place. Congrats!