Thursday, February 19, 2009

chicago show

I have tried to blog about our trip to Chicago for quite a while now but everything has been on fast forward since our trip started and this is the first real moment I have had to attempt an update.

The easy version of Chicago at a glance is that is was really fabulous. I love Chicago and the people who live there. I was able to help Richard and his team with the installation of his show at Phaiz gallery and that was really fun! This was the first time we were really able to work together and it was great. What follows are photographs of different stages of the install. I am also following up with a post about the city and more installation right after this one.

Richard and his friend James Marshall working on the first day.

The walls after the painters finished priming everything.

Rich unpacking some of his pre-painted tiles.

Rich starting the install.

KC helping out with the install.

The sections are almost all up

End of the first day

Robin, the owner of Phaiz looking at the installation at the end of day one.

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