Friday, December 18, 2009

holiday spirit

this is a photo of the top of the tree in the lobby of our building.

The whole holiday thing is really moving fast this year. Our holiday projects are well under way with cookie baking, card making and tree choosing. Here are a few photos of our tree and card projects. We still have to trim the tree but it looks so damn cute just sitting there that we have been enjoying it without all the stuff on it. Maybe we can get to it tonight.
Richard with our lil tree

the very beginning of the holiday decorating projects

pre-trimmed tree

I ran out of Gocco screens that we needed for our holiday card project. I was horrified to find out that they aren't making screens this size anymore. I didn't have time to buy anything on Ebay so Richard and I came up with a plan to reuse old Gocco frames with new screens. We were pretty pleased with ourselves.

after we cut out the old screen we lined the edges with glue stick

then we glued the new screen to the sticky, glued edges

we thought it would be a good idea to put the screen under a heavy book for a few minutes to make sure that the new screen stuck to the frame

we had a little help keeping the book and screen in place

After the glue was dry we reinforced the edges with clear packing tape and we were ready to burn the screen!

Richard's holiday drawing just before we burn it onto the screen

short movie of me using the Gocco printer that Richard gave to me two Christmases ago

Richard taking advantage of his obsessive tendencies by make sure to evenly apply ink to each card

the card drying station

Next post will include cookies and tree trimming!

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carter said...

suzy holiday zone for sure! love it.