Thursday, December 6, 2007

tree prep and trimming

Here is the first look at the tree we chose for the holiday's. As you can see this photo was taken in the shower. I don't think I've ever washed a tree before but it seemed like the thing to do so we did it.

It took a few days to start the tree trimming process and we weren't able to finish before Richard left for Miami Basel so I have to wait for his return to finish the tree or to post pictures of said tree with even partial trimming. I promised. This is is a tough promise to keep because it looks so cute! But he gets back on Sunday so I should be able to start the week with a fully trimmed tree.

The apartment is looking so cute right now! I will upload some pictures when we have nice enough light to take some. Everything is overcast and rainy today. I am so glad that I have hot chocolate with marshmallows to keep me going.

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Cora said...

Mmmm. Hot chocolate brings in the sunshine since weather has turned cold and overcast here. It's been my drink of choice of late. Might even be good served in one of those cute tea pots.