Sunday, April 5, 2009

fresno projects

I haven't seen my parents for a while and I decided to take a few days to visit and help them with some outstanding projects that need to be dealt with. We put in a garden and renovated my dad's music room/man cave.

On the left is the before photo. the photo on the right shows progress.
Here is the new and improved pot collection

Here is dad putting in the baling wire trellis. We planted sweet peas and morning glories just below so it should look pretty gorgeous by the end of the summer.

Here is a before photo of my dad's man cave. We had already sealed a door and covered over it with plaster by the time we took this photo but you get the idea.

Once I finished with the 3 layers of plaster and then primer and then paint I moved in furniture and accessories. The man cave never looked so good.

The entire yard was in bloom. GORGEOUS! I am so yard jealous

cool Fresno tree

That about does it for Fresno trip. I will be checking in with the garden over the summer and will post the progress.

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