Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NYC Round up

*This post was started in April. I had hoped to be able to upload photos from my phone to make it all come together. It wasn't working so now that I am back I am uploading photos to complete the update.

We arrived in NYC earlier this month.
We have been here for a little while already and I have been wanting to do a post about our adventures. I keep waiting because I don't have a way to download photos from my camera. I hear I can upload photos from my iphone. I am going to attempt to do that today.

The first part of our trip included a screening of my friend Carter's film Erased James Franco at the MOMA. It was a great event! I have most of the photos from that night on my camera so photos from that part of the trip will have to wait but it was really fabulous. The event was sold out and the reviews and "buzz" about the film were all pretty positive.

Q & A after the screening

Carter and James at the after party (notice our friend Chris hamming it up in the background)

Carter and I at the after party

Since the screening Richard has been working on finishing some pieces for his upcoming group show at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn. I have been using the free time to see friends and walk around the city. The last few days have been really gross with rain ruining my walking plans but before that I took photos of spring in New York. I am attempting to use the iphone to post them here.

My friend Stephanie at Macy's Flower Show (that's a flamingo)

delish knish

Richard and I took a train to visit his sister in Connecticut for Easter. I wanted to bring my one of my favorite NYC treats for the occasion. Below are photos from the Cupcake Cafe. If you've never had one of these cupcakes you need to get on it.

Of course we ate them all before we could make it out of NYC so I ended up making tea sandwiches instead

Richard's sister Elizabeth made the most amazing cake. She calls it Thunder cake. Once I have the recipe I will post it here. It is insane.

Once we were back in NY Carter and I hung out at his studio in Brooklyn, going through old Polaroids and dorking out.

after a while we decided to walk over to the Ikea ferry and take a ride into Manhattan

It was such a great thing to do. Fist of all the ferry is free. The only thing better than free is that it is an insanely gorgeous way to get into the city.

During the final days of working on his group show at Cinders Richard became reacquainted with his love of shredding the gnar. Below is just a taste.

We decided to take a quick trip to Coney Island before Richard's opening

We rode the Cyclone

Richard got whiplash

This is the image used on the C.H.U.D.Z show put on at Cinders Alex Berry, Josh Slater and Richard Colman C.H.U.D.Z
The opening was packed and the show looked great!

The rest of our trip was spent walking around the city, looking at art and making sure we didn't miss anything before it was time to leave. Below are some of the highlights.

Deitch Projects in Long Island City

The view from the back side of Deitch Projects LIC

We dropped by the Marilyn Minter opening which was really great. I love her paintings.

Richard traded some art for a new tattoo detail of the bathroom wallpaper at tattoo shop

On my way to the Campbell Apartment for drinks.

Went to Mood and wanted to buy everything.

Me at the Cloisters

Rich at the Cloisters

Prospect Park in Brooklyn

Time to leave New York. I miss it already.

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