Saturday, January 5, 2008

holiday hospitality and outings

While we were in NYC we stayed with our friend Carter. He was a super gracious host who showed us a great time. We took a lot of pictures above and below ground. We packed a lot into our outings. On one afternoon Carter was lucky enough to touch the leg of a Rockette.I think if you touch the leg of a Rockette good luck has to follow. Those ladies are magic!

Carter and Johnathan threw a great holiday party for us and we had the best time. We ate pizza and had cupcakes for dessert. Here is a picture of Johnathan wondering which cupcake he should choose.

We took a little trip out to Long Island City to see Carter's new studio. We had a great time eating cheese, taking Polaroids, making movies and looking at all of Carter's new work. His new paintings are amazing. (super secret so no photos of any of them but amazing) If you are in Geneva in March you have to make a point to see his work. For more info on Carter and the show in Geneva click here.

One of our destinations while visiting the city was The New Museum. Our friend Josh met up with us and showed us the way. I have to say....not all that impressed. It looks cool from the outside but it felt claustrophobic inside. I wanted to love it didn't really live up to the hype. I mean the the building....not Josh.

The best part of the museum was the elevator. (is that awful?)

We planned on driving up to Cape Cod for the holiday in a rental car so we picked our rental up and decided to have a little field trip around Queens. I just remember always wanting to stop at the World's Fair relics and never doing it the whole time I lived in New York. Anyway we stopped and what follows are a few photographs from our impromptu outing.

The next morning we picked up Richard's brother and sister and headed up to their parents house on Cape Cod. From the moment we arrived everyone was so warm and fun to be with. We had a great visit!

The view from our room was pretty breathtaking.

In between eating binges we took walks on the beach and tried to make room for more food.

We tried to play as much Koosh ball and table tennis as possible. I think that if we hadn't we would be faced with a lot more "holiday weight" than we ended up with. (either way it isn't pretty but it could be worse)

Richard's nieces and nephew were so jazzed on Santa and Christmas it was hard to get a word in edge wise but they were a hoot. They are pictured below working on cookies for Santa. Could they be any cuter?

After a fabulous holiday on the Cape it was back to NYC for one final lap. I now leave you with a movie that we took on our last morning in Harlem with Carter. We were on our way back from breakfast at Kitchenette when we spotted a wild turkey in Morningside Park. It was pretty weird to see a turkey at 116th street but we rolled with it. Well...we chased it.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our trip amazing. We had a great time!


carter and jonathan said...

we just read over your blog here in Harlem over breakfast. nice entry looks like you had a great, nyc time!

Susan said...

great images! glad you're back & blogging

muertoderisa said...

oh! those world fair images remind me of my childhood. i loved driving past them on my way to visit my grandparents. world fair relics and a waste management processing plant that i thought was an ice cream factory.

day at a glance said...

Thanks for the support Susan.Its nice to be back.

becky from hatch said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to stop by and take pictures of the world's fair relics - I only think of it when I'm on my way to the airport from Forest Hills! I'm so jealous. The pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing!

That house on the Cape is SICK! True Shingle Style - I love it!Is it in Hyannisport? I was guessing that, perhaps Harwich, or Osterville! It looks very familiar to me (my parents' Cape house is 600 square feet :) )