Friday, January 4, 2008

holiday windows in the city at a glance

One of the best things about being on the East Coast for the holidays is the way that the city dresses up.

As soon as we could we went to 5th avenue for the best of all the holiday window installations....Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf's overall theme was the elements (earth, air, fire, water, light); the displays pay homage to famous designer Tony Duquette who passed away at the end of the nineties. David Hoey is the amazing designer that leads the team over there and seeing what they do for the holidays is never anything short of amazing. It is impossible to show in these photos how over the top the windows were. All of the layers of resin and gold and glass and shells was gorgeous and unbelievably opulent. There is a great short film that you can watch about the making of the windows which I am posting here.

Even the side windows like the ones shown above and below were like a peek into a special world that you just wish you could jump into. I am going to post detail shots of the windows on flickr just in case you want a little more.

I am such a sucker for deer...especially if they are wearing diamond encrusted crowns. The two pictures above are from somewhere further down on 5th Avenue. I think they were in the windows at Tiffany and Co. but I am not totally sure. If you know please leave a comment for me.

We finished up with a peek at the Barney's windows and they were pretty cool. Their theme was recycling.

I was like a little kid. So was everyone else. People were standing in front of the windows with their mouths open. It got a little nuts out there so we only lasted for a little while but it was awesome. We finished up with a hot knish and called it a night.

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