Saturday, May 30, 2009

birthday beach house

As soon as we arrived in San Francisco basck from our month in NY we had to basically unpack and then pack. A group of us decided to rent a beach house in Stinson Beach for my birthday. I knew that it would probably be overcast and raining so we brought lots of food, gossip magazines and crafts to keep everyone busy.

Night number one included a strawberry cake that Brody made.

I finally opened the Gocco printer that Richard gave to me as a Christmas present, 2 years ago. I can't believe how fun and easy it is to use.

I brought lots of material to make tote bags. Here is Heidi cutting out her bag.

Cole helping me sew.

Cole's golden bat tote drying by the fire.

Seahorse zombie tote

porcupine eyeglass case

We had a great weekend of crafting, working on puzzles, walking in the rain and of course....eating. Maybe next year we will get a little sun.

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