Friday, August 7, 2009

stephanie's garden wall phase 2

Today we started really digging into the Stephanie wall project. I pulled out my bag of pigments and opened the cans of simulated milk paint that we bought from Olde Century Simulated Milk Paint and we started mixing plaster and paint colors.
The first step was to lay down two distinct layers of plaster. One in a pale gold tone and the other, a dark earth color. Then we outlined a few prominent areas where trees would go.

Richard painted in a light mountain range across the wall and I painted in a nice beeswax color to give the wall some warmth.

We then washed over the bottom brown layer with a darker brown color and started painting in the first layer of trees and bushes.

Towards the end of the day we went back over a few of the darker painted areas with plaster that we will then paint over with lighter bushes and reeds. Above is the last picture of the day. We won't be picking it up again for at least a week as I am off to NYC in the morning.

I hope to be mobile blogging about my trip while I'm away. I am really looking forward to seeing the High Line and spending some time in Hudson. More soon!

Thanks for looking!

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