Wednesday, August 5, 2009

stephanie garden apartment project day 1

the end of day one

2 weeks ago I blogged about starting a project for my friend Stephanie. She has this great apartment that looks out onto a gorgeous ivy and jasmine covered fence. It really feels like a garden in there. Anyway, today was the day I actually started the project and I am really happy with the completion of phase one. Tomorrow is phase 2 and I am really hoping to get it all done.

Phase one included playing with pigment in the plaster and patching rough areas on the wall. Tomorrow I will go over the entire wall with pigment tinted plaster and then Richard and I will paint in the landscape scene on top of the almost dry plaster. SO FUN!!!!

I will be plastering the wall and then painting a mural on top of it, inspired by the one shown in the inspiration page above.

This is the apartment right before Stephanie moved in.

This is one of the pieces we picked up at a flea market. We will install it once the vision for the place comes together a little bit more. Not sure if we are going to paint it yet.

I found this little gem at the Alameda flea market. The plan is to buy an actual slices of a log for the top of it. I think it was a bird bath but will be a fabulous end table when we get finished with it.

I love a good interior project. I just can't wait to see what we end up with tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

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