Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been an admirer of needlepoint for many years but never really thought of it seriously for me. Since the Brigid Berlin Show in NY back in October and of course the Johnathan Adler pillows I had thought about dabbling in it. It wasn't until our last trip to Cape Cod that the idea really took hold. Richards mom has done a lot of needlepoint over the years and there are these great well worn pillows all over the house of the family dog or initials of her children. There was something really comforting about it and when we got back to California I decided to give it a shot.

I bought two really great needlepoint books from around the mid 70's (thank you ebay) I love the covers.

I also found a great screen of a deer that will be perfect for my friend Brody's birthday. I found a great place here in SF called Elaine Magnin. The woman there helped me choose thread and offered some great advice. Now I just have to get started. I have a short time to get it all done but I tend to be a little bit obsessive so off I go!

This one even comes with a sample screen and sample thread.

I should have a good chunk done by next week. I will post an update when I have a respectable portion done.

Thanks for looking!

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