Thursday, June 4, 2009

cape cod crafts and a big birthday

We headed back to the East coast and Richard's family on Cape Cod for his mother's birthday.

The first day was gorgeous! We walked on the beach, flew kites and ate ham until we felt sick.

There were a few kites in the basement. We brought out a nice big dragon kite. Richard flew it so high that it was just a speck in the sky. Richard suggested sending notes up the string to the dragon. I had never done that before. I can't even believe it works. Here is a short movie of one of our notes going up.

We had a really fun time out there. As the weather turned a little colder we brought the fun inside by starting on jiggly eyed crafts with the shells and rocks we found during the day.

We even broke out the Shrinky Dinks. I totally forgot how fun they are. We will definitely be having a west coast version of the Shrinky Dink craft day.



When it was time to celebrate we did so in two or three parts in two days. We had two dinners and a present opening session. Above is a photo of this cute little gold wishbone pin that I gave as a gift. Below is the second dinner. DELISH!

We took one day to visit the Edward Gorey House. I loved the whole place but there was one part that stood out. He designed wall paper for a stage production that he had worked on. Below is a sample of that wallpaper. I just kept thinking that after the play was over they probably just threw the wallpaper in the garbage. I would have killed for wallpaper like that when I was in high school.

Our last meal on the cape was a classic lobster and corn meal with a TON of butter. I swear I gained 6 pounds in one week.
After dinner we went for a walk on the beach and I picked up sand for my collection.

Here I am in front of the neighbors house picking up sand.

I leave you with this amazing photo of Richard with his sister Kate. You will notice a fabulous shell lamp to the right of where they are sitting. That shell lamp and two others are on their way right now from Cape Cod to our apartment here in San Francisco. I am so thrilled I can't even deal. More on that later.

Thanks for looking!

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