Tuesday, October 30, 2007

seascape and sand collection

Yesterday we put up the seascape we found at the flea on Sunday. We also put up a great wrap around shelf. It ended up being the perfect backdrop for my collection of sand, jiggly eyed friends and nostalgic tidbits.

We were able to hang a few more pieces in the hallway and just as I thought we might be nearing the end...I found another box of paintings and prints. We need more wall space.

Today Richard is working on a hallway runner with the pieces of carpet samples I found at SCRAP. I am very excited about that!

I really want to just stay in bed and read a good book today.

I have been thinking a lot about Anna's Door Sixteen post for October 28th. Her mom has a great grouping of vintage Moomin dolls that I am totally pining for. I have now added that to my long list of ebay searches. If you haven't seen them yet you are in for a treat.

Happy Tuesday!


Anna at D16 said...

If those dolls ever come up on eBay, be prepared to fight me to the DEATH for them!! ;) Seriously, I've been trying to get my hands on them forever. Here's a site that shows a much more complete collection, and in far better shape than my mother's (presumably these were not handled by 5 kids for 40 years like hers have been!). Aren't they the most amazing thing ever?? Sigh.

Speaking of amazing, HELLO SAND COLLECTION. You've been mentioning this mysterious sand collection in your last few posts, and I couldn't even begin to imagine what it could possibly look like. I love it! Did you make the little shelf out of Stripa shelves from IKEA? I've been trying to think of what to do with them for ages. I love it turning the corner like that.

What a happy post. I used to be very into gluing googley eyes on things when I was wee, and your little friends make me smile.

flip this said...

OH MY GOD!!! The site you sent me to is so amazing that I couldn't look at it for too long. I will have to look in stages. THANK YOU!

The group you show on your post is perfect.

Yes on the Stripa shelves...my friend Brody was the one who first started me on the rounding corners thing. It helps so much when you have as much stuff as we do.

As far as jiggly eyes...love em. I have a bag of them somewhere. That is on the fun weekend project list...jiggly eye application on anything and everything.

risa said...

Here is to more wall space! We haven't even started hanging our art up in our new apartment yet and I'm already intimidated by how we will fit everything. ahhh!!!!
your sand collection reminds me of a collection i saw once in some interior design mag...there was a beautiful collection with each "sample" in a different test tube with vintagey looking labels with handwritten accounts the place and year said sand was collected. it was gorgeous lined up on a shelf.

flip this said...

i wonder if the people from the magazine you mention know how much you like their collection.