Thursday, November 8, 2007

happy kitchen

I occurred to me today that I haven't really posted good before and after shots of the kitchen. I did a little work in there today so I wanted to post a few good pictures. I am really proud of the kitchen as it was the hardest to stay optimistic about. Make sure to take a good look at the before pictures.

As you can see from the before picture I had to strip paint off of the glass cabinet doors. We also replaced the above sink cabinet with two red Ikea shelves. The stripping took a long time. Just looking at this picture makes my hand start to cramp up in the shape of a shrimp.

We were really lucky with the Wedgwood stove. The stove is gorgeous and works great but I think it may have to go. I need something a lot smaller so that I can actually work in my kitchen. If you know anyone who wants a gorgeous Wedgwood stove please have them contact me via email. I am so torn but ultimately I need more space and less stove.

There was a lot of cleaning and priming and painting. I am including an action shot of Richard painting behind the stove. That was super nasty. Those of you who have been reading from the beginning of this project know that the apartment wasn't exactly clean when we got here. The kitchen was by far the worst. I will spare you the details but I was afraid of the kitchen for a while if that tells you anything.

Another little project was the former ironing board area. We have very little space for food storage so Richard turned our ironing board area into a tiny cupboard.YAY!

I am going to work on posting some detail shots of the kitchen on Flickr later.

Thanks for looking!


Tense Past said...

How did you get the chalkboard effect on the cabinet door? Looks great.

day at a glance said...

We painted it with chalkboard paint. There are two kinds. For this project we used the spray paint but you can also buy it in a regular brush on paint. Thanks for looking!

Anna at D16 said...

It looks GREAT! I love those red shelves, they look so happy.

Ugh, who paints GLASS doors? Why?? I mean, if you wanted to cover them, why not make little curtains? It must be the same kind of person that glues fiberboard paneling over oak beadboard...grumble.

You have to keep the stove! It's so beautiful!! Can you squeeze in a freestanding counter somewhere, like the butcherblock Groland from IKEA? That's what I did for extra counter space in my kitchen.

andy said...

Once again, unbelievable. You're amazing. The befores are hurting my eyes...xo

day at a glance said...

the weird thing about the glass being painted is that there were like 10 layers of paint. TEN LAYERS! Can you imagine?

What is the deal with the fiberboard paneling? Did that happen to you? People are so weird.

The stove is really cool but I could put a 20 inch stove AND my fridge where the stove is now. THEN I could get the Groland for more counter space...which is the plan. But I love the stove. It is really heartbreaking.

zee said...

I love everything you've done with the kitchen! That stove is too cute- it's a shame you can't keep it. Hopefully you'll find a smaller, equally cute one though.

Anna at D16 said...

Where's your Flickr account? I want to see the detail photos! :)

shayna said...

wow, this is fantastic! that poor wedgewood stove...we have one, too. i love it to death and will not be getting rid of ours, but it is huge and a bit of a gas guzzler. i'm sure it won't fault you!

day at a glance said...