Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the tough boxes

We have been unpacking and putting things in their new homes for what seems like months. As we do this the ends of boxes, with their little bottom of the box bits have been poured into other boxes and yesterday.....I worked all day on those boxes. I am cautiously posting before and ALMOST after photographs of what I was able to do yesterday. Don't judge me. I honestly feel like this part of the process is the hardest for me. I have so many small things floating around needing a home. Once this part is finished I can get to my work table and make our curtains. I am almost there.

I really miss the one day it looked like this. SOON!

We were also able to install one of my favorite pieces from our friends Castaneda/Reiman. I love it!

I am also posting a photo of a little merman that I saw on Monday at my friend Bob's house. Bob is an antiques dealer specializing in tribal art. He just bought this little merman with no idea where it is from or when it was made. All He is able to sort out is that it was probably made on the high seas. I think he is just adorable.

Back at it. Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

j said...

that is definitely the hard part for me, too- everything that was left in the boxes...

you did a lot! you should be happy with yourself.

can't wait to see the curtains you make