Monday, November 5, 2007

perfect weather

The weather this weekend was perfect. We went to the beach twice. We also managed to go to two flea markets yesterday. The first was a once a month flea market in Alameda. The second was The Alemany Flea here in SF. It was so great to be outside in such perfect weather. The flea in Alameda was enormous but honestly we didn't find that much. There were a lot of overpriced 'antiques'. Something that should have been $10. was $140. that sort of thing. Between the two flea markets we managed to find two cute stools, one super cute Steiff looking mouse and a great pendant lamp for the hallway. I was really excited to find the lamp. I have been a bit obsessed to find something for the hall so to find it is a huge relief. Now I only have the bedroom lamp to obsess on.

All together our new items only cost $17. so I am quite pleased. I hope the weather holds up this week. I want to get our curtains up before it starts to get really cold.

I received my '1800's Victorian walnut curtain rod brackets' any my 'Victorian brass curtain drapery rings' last week from ebay so I have everything I need to put up the bedroom curtains.

Have a great Monday!


Keri said...

Wow, LOVE the lamp!!!!!

lottie said...

oh, the beach! how perfect. I grew up by the sea and miss it so. strangely we're having warm weather in the uk at the moment and my parents told me they went to the beach this weekend, even swimming in the sea! your mouse is very cool and I love the lampshade. how satisfying to find something that fits so well.