Saturday, October 20, 2007

before and after the closet issue

I wanted to post before and after photos of the closet project. I have a lot more organizing and hanger changing to do so just focus on the walls ceiling and woodwork. It was quite a project for such a small space. Here is the list:

  1. washed walls
  2. patched and sanded ceiling and wall cracks
  3. primed ceiling and walls with Kilz premium primer
  4. painted ceiling with Bright White ceiling paint from Kelly Moore (flat)
  5. painted trim with Soft Sesame from Kelly Moore (eggshell finish)
  6. painted wall with Behr Contemplation (flat)
  7. scrubbed floor with Murphy's Oil Soap
  8. coated with Minwax hardwood floor reviver

I also wanted to thank Anna at Door Sixteen for talking about us on her site. She has been really supportive from the very beginning and we really appreciate it. You rock Anna! If you haven't checked out her site yet you should. She has quite the overwhelming renovation going over there.


Anna at D16 said...

Aww! No need to say thank you, I' m just so excited by everything you're doing here. :)

How are the results from the Minwax hardwood floor reviver? We didn't refinish our floors when we bought the house (in part because of the cost/mess, but mainly because I didn't want to wreck the patina of the wood & original stain), but they could definitely use a pick-me-up beyond what Murphy's can do for them.

flip this said...

The reviver works great! I won't end up using it all the time but I think once or twice a year it makes sense to put a little shine back onto the floor. I don't use a lot of it because I don't want wax build up but the combo of scrubbing with the Murphy's and using a light layer of the wax has been perfect.