Monday, October 1, 2007


Yesterday was Richard's birthday so we took it easy. We went to the flea market to buy more stuff to put into the apartment. We came back with some great new friends pictured here.

Later in the day we drove out to Tiburon for a dinner birthday party at Brody, Serge and Cole's. Here is a great picture of the cake that Serge designed.

We didn't get much done on the apartment today but I do have photos of other things that we did get on Saturday.

Here is a small before picture of the bedroom wall that we stripped plastered and then painted.

We decided to put in a chair rail and wall paper from the line on the left up to the crown molding. That is the project for this week.

Here is the bed in what I think is its new home. I hate the rug so we need to get rid of that and find something new...all a work in progress.

Today we set up the office, work on getting the bedroom out of boxes, painting the bathroom and digging out a little bit of room in the kitchen so we can cook.

Here is a little before action with the most recent "WIP" photo

more later...


psprpb said...

I started following your progress from a link from sfgirlbybay. You guys are amazing ! Can you tell me where you got the tree wallpaper(I think it's wallpaper) used inside your kitchen cabinet.

Cheers to your new home !

Elizabeth said...

This blog is so fun and I love checking in on you guys daily!! Love the tree wall paper in the kitchen cabinets. I can't wait to see when everything is in it's place.

Sarah said...

Best of luck with your new place; we're loving your blog!

Sarah Hromack
Editor, Curbed SF

lottie said...

I'm so enjoying seeing your progress - love the kitchen cabinet with the wallpaper, it looks great.

ma vie en rose said... that Cole and Son wallpaper in those cabinets?

It looks wonderful - not just the cabinets but your whole apartment; you should be proud and I have really enjoyed seeing all of your progress.

shayna said...

having just gone through this (actually, still going through this) with our little cabinhouse, your blog is kind of giving me the cole&sons wallpaper. great choice of what to wallpaper! good luck!