Monday, October 22, 2007

flea sunday

Sunday was a gorgeous day! Here are photos of the car packed with stuff and a few shots of our booths.

We had a great day out there and I actually ended up with a new item. I wasn't suppose to leave the booth to shop as the whole point of selling things at the flea was to make room for Richards furniture but...well judge for yourself. I think it was totally unavoidable. HAD to buy it.

I have never seen anything like it. Someone took a stool and turned it into a little stool-trunk.

Richard is driving up tonight or tomorrow depending on how the U-Haul packing goes. This gives me a full day to finish all the projects I have hanging...which are quite a few.

Have a great Monday!

1 comment:

k.i.s.d. said...

Wow it's almost finished. How good for you.

The bedroom wall just rocks. Very different and posh. I like it.