Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Room details

Now that I feel alright about the 'wallpaper' I am ready to give the room list of what we did and what we used to get it to look like it does. But first I wanted to thank Dean over at My Little Apartment. She suggested using upholstery tacks to just deal with the fabric seams head on. It is a great idea and I wish I had thought of it. Thanks Dean! At any rate I am putting the plan into action once we get the rest of the apartment together. Richard is here in 4 days and things are starting to look better but I still have a long way to go. is the list with before and after photos.

  1. removed radiator
  2. removed all peeling wallpaper near radiator
  3. skim coated the peeled wallpaper areas to even out the texture
  4. sanded plastered areas
  5. primed all of the walls to get rid of the lavender color
  6. painted ceiling with Kelly Moore Bright White (flat)
  7. painted the trim with Kelly Moore Soft Sesame (eggshell finish)
  8. painted walls with Kelly Moore Mocha (flat)
  9. painted chair rail with Kelly Moore Crystal Cathedral (semi-gloss)
  10. attached deep blue/grey mohair looking fabric to walls using Golden Harvest Universal Wheat Wallpaper Paste. (I tried using starch first. IT DIDN'T WORK)

...and then I cleared out the hallway and put some of our books in their new homes.

My friends Brody and Cole (pictured here) stopped by for a bit to check on the progress. Cole got sleepy so they went home but it was nice to see people. I hope Brody starts a blog soon. Her house is amazing.

more tomorrow...


lottie said...

brilliant, I love the fabric wall and it is so interesting to see the process. we have very similar book cases too!

zee said...

Holy moly, you are such an inspiration. Your bedroom looks great; it must be so rewarding after putting in so much hard work. I love love love your bed. Love it.

Barb McMahon said...

The whole apartment is gorgeous and, yes, truly an inspiration!

dean said...

aw, thanks for the shout! your place looks really fantastic, you're doing a great job! looking forward to more updates :)

that fabric color is exactly the color that i want to paint my dont have a teeny swatch, do you?

flip this said...

i do! and the color is awesome. i would be happy to send it along. send an email with your info.