Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tid bits

Richard and I caravaned down to L.A. over the weekend. I was able to bring back a car full of boxes from his old apartment filled with all sorts of new goodies. He is going to stay in the city of Angels for two weeks to put things in order before he brings up the rest of his boxes of stuff.

One thing I have been looking forward to bringing up from the south is a great cabinet/vanity that I gave to him last year. This was the very first thing I tackled yesterday. I was able to repaint the inside and line it with super cool paper. Once it was complete that meant that I could fill it with all of the stuff that has been boxed up and sitting in our hallway. I am posting a before and after photo of the cabinet and the bathroom.

I can't tell you how great it feels to have it up and looking cute. I decided on the crazy pink paper because I thought it would be a great surprise every morning. It is so vibrant and cheerful! A good way to start out the day. I found it at Flax here in SF about a year ago and I have been hanging on to it for just the right project. They mesh well.

After that I started in on the closet. I had the help of a very good friend of mine who is visiting from Virginia. He was able to help me decide what needed to go and what needed to stay. (thank you Jason) Now it is all about fine tuning and posting pictures of the progress. I still haven't posted any before and after photos of the closet. I hope to have some up tomorrow.

Today was a day of gathering materials for the bedroom fabric wall. I bought the fabric at Discount Fabrics, who it
turns out are having a sale until the end of October so it was 20% off (YEAH!). I then found my 'chair rail' in Berkeley at Omega Salvage...for pennies. It is so gorgeous!!! I have to post a picture of it with the fabric as a teaser. I haven't decided if I am going to paint it or not. I sort of like the dirty rose color. Once the fabric goes up next to the chocolate we'll see if I can handle the dirty rose detail.

Now I need to try to work on the closet before the sun goes down and ANTM comes on.

More tomorrow!


lottie said...

oh, I just have to say how much I adore your bathroom cabinet. I was sure you'd put something really special in that place and you did!

Anna at D16 said...

That meerkat jewelry box (?) is so weird and great. You have to wonder what was going on in the mind of the person who thought that one up...and then convinced the company they worked for to put it into production! Fantastic.

The medicine cabinet makes a huge difference in your bathroom! I bet you can't wait to install the new sink. :) Will you have to retile the floor when the vanity comes out?

flip this said...

Oh the amazing. Everything about them is amazing. When I found it I had trouble breathing. I couldn't get it into my hands fast enough.

The floor is actually really great. It is still original white, octagon shaped tiles. I will be re-grouting the shower though. Someone chose to use a medium brown color with the white tiles. It always looks dirty to me. Anyway that will end up white.