Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday was awesome!

Sundays are always a great day around here. We like to start with coffee and bagels and then...the flea market. After what seemed like a two month dry spell...Richard broke his streak of finding nothing at the flea and more than made up for it with all the new friends he met and had to bring home.

We also found the first of what I think will be many seascapes. Richard has been trying to get that collection going and today we found the first. I think it will end up being a great backdrop for my sand collection.

There was one special item at the flea that we couldn't bring home. I so wish I had room for it...part of me still feels like I blew it by not bringing this baby home.

After the flea we went out to Tiburon and the pumpkin patch.

Then we went to celebrate our friend Scott's birthday (aka cuddles)

Brody, Serge and Cole always have the best dinners on Sunday and this weekend was no exception.

Here is a photo of the pre-dinner nosh.

Now its Monday and we are going to work on a lot of the art hanging and collection showcasing.

I wanted to thank Leslie at Apartment Therapy for giving us a shout out today. We love Apartment Therapy and are thrilled to be mentioned.

Have a great Monday!

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