Friday, October 5, 2007

unanswered questions

I wanted to go back and answer some questions that we had about how we did our plaster wall and which color we chose for the hallway.

When we first had a look at our new apartment it was clear that the living room wall either needed to be replaced or patched. The problem was that the wall was leaning in towards the room and we needed to build up a fair amount of plaster to even it out. Since we had to plaster as much as we did we decided to add some color to it and turn the hard wall into a showcase wall. Plaster looks so great and feels so good but it is really time consuming and not always the best option if time is not on your side. I call it 'plaster' but really it is premixed joint compound that has been tinted. I am including a photo of the bucket i used for most of the project but honestly I prefer USG premixed light weight joint compound. I just added tint to the joint compound and applied it to the wall. After a layer dried I would scrap off excess areas and then sand until smooth. After it is smooth I add another layer of plaster and so on. The final coat was not tinted just taken right out of the bucket and lightly skimmed over the entire wall. After that final layer and more scraping and sanding I applied a wax medium to the finished wall. I hope that answers questions about the wall. If you have more specific detail that you want I would be happy to give greater detail via email.

We still have to finish the hallway up but we've had a few questions about the color we used so Here is a photo of the almost finished hallway and the Home Depot recipe for it. I used a Pantone color swatch for the color and Home Depot matched it. They did an awesome job. I was shocked that it turned out so well...who knew? As soon as I find my Pantone swatch book I will include the number for reference but if you love the color I am sure you could take the recipe right to HD and they could give you the same color.

I have been working on the apartment for the past two days and will have photos to post by the end of the day.

Thanks for looking!


Emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Thank you so much, that was some really good information about the wall! Now I know exactly how to do it! Great!

zee said...

That shade of green is wonderful and looks great in your hallway. Love the blog by the way, I'm so inspired by your energy. You've gotten a lot more done in your place than I have in mine and I've had a year!

Anonymous said...

it looks awesome, the big wall. really great and nice job.
- carter

Anna at D16 said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous. If I hadn't already replastered my entire house (well, with the exception of the bathroom-in-progress...hmm), I'd want to try this in a room. Really, it's stunning.

flip this said...

If you need more specific detail just let me know. I can email photos of supplies or whatever. I kept the post brief but I can be more specific.

flip this said...

Thanks everyone! I am really glad you like what we are doing in here.