Saturday, September 29, 2007

all moved in...

yesterday was our first morning in our new space. I woke up and had to take a picture for the blog. Its funny how the blog has changed the way I look at doing things at different times of the day. I want to make sure I don't miss any opportunity to take a picture or write down a note to remember something for the blog. Anyway here is the picture of the view from our first morning in the new apartment.

We woke up early and started moving things up from one apartment to the other at around 7am. My landlord showed up at 8:30 with the locksmith and plumber. We needed a little help with our sink situation and he was on top of making sure we were in good shape first thing in the morning. I have to say he has been so helpful and positive through this whole transition. He has really helped to make it easy for us.

Anyway, we moved a lot by 10:30 and then my friend showed up to move into our old apartment so we were moving stuff out as she was moving in. It took the whole day to clear it all out and by 6:30 we were ready for chinese food and hot baths. I can't believe it all got done...

I am posting pictures of what the apartment looks like with all of our boxes of stuff...but mainly my stuff in it. I
wish we could have finished all the painting before this stage but it is what it is. From here on out it will be fine tuning the apartment by finishing up paint and putting all of our goodies in their new homes.

Now I am off to buy some basics for the apartment. I want to keep the pace I have had so that we can have a super cute apartment really soon. I will be posting pictures later tonight of any progress we make. Thanks for looking and thanks for all of the support we have been getting from all of our new guests. It really helps.

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