Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

Things are looking a little bit less tragic in the new space but there is still a lot to do. Here is an after photo of the closet I posted the other day. I still need to install shelves and what have you but this is the first look at what was done. Materials list and items scratched off the punch list include:

  1. washed walls with Simple Green
  2. used wood patch and wall patch on all areas that needed repair
  3. sanded patch areas with 220 grit Wall Sand drywall screens
  4. primed walls with premium primer from Kilz
  5. caulked above baseboards with acrylic latex caulk
  6. painted ceiling with Kelly Moore Bright White ceiling (flat)
  7. painted trim with Kelly Moore Soft Sesame (eggshell)
  8. painted walls with Behr Contemplation (flat)
  9. scrubbed floor with Murphy's oil soap
I will post again with other photos of the progress including some shots of guest plaster helpers that came by to visit the other day.


brody said...

nice suitcase stack. i might have to steal the idea...
ps. like your blog.

Tense Past said...

Is that last photo Behr Contemplation? It looks blue, not green...


flip this said...

it is Contemplation by Behr. I would say it is more of a blue than a green.