Wednesday, September 26, 2007

today it has to get done

We have a huge day today so this will be brief. I wanted to post a few photos of yesterday's activity and show you a picture of the surprise that awaited us under the sink.

the bedroom ceiling and border are done. I am not quite happy with the living room wall but it has been waxed so it will have to work. Richard loves it and says I will end up loving it too...he is usually right so I'm not too worried.

here are before and almost after of the closet ceiling. i had to patch it so this morning it gets sanded, primed and painted.

here is a sneak peak at the kitchen. Richard is taking our little door and turning it into a small chalk board. I will post more photos of the kitchen tonight.

Here is our little kitchen....situation. We are hoping to knock this out asap this morning by repairing the plumbing, patching the wall and painting. If we can finish this and the rest of the apartment today it will be a miracle.

Tonight we should have some really nice after shots of the whole apartment.


andy said...

Oh my god the sink....what the hell?? The living room looks great. Hope you are feeling better!

k.i.s.d. said...

You're doing a geat job, I really admire you. I moved to a new house last month, and the house was i a bad condition, really needed repairment. But I really didn't have enough time to do it by myself, so professionals were hired. They did the job really great. However, it would be fun if I did the job with my husband.

emma said...

The living room wall looks fab! Do you mind sharing the specifics on how you got it to look like that?

flip this said...

Hi Emma,
I am glad you like the was a real challenge. You are totally right! It is sort of an involved process of adding plaster and pigments to the wall. I will post it with todays room info. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!

Anna at D16 said...

Wow, I feel your joy and pain with these posts! I've been renovating a Victorian rowhouse for over a year now, and I still can't bring myself to look at a lot of the "in progress" photos. We're in the midst of gutting a bathroom now, and the entire room looks a whole lot like what you've got going on under your sink!

Great blog, I'll definitely be checking back on your progress. Good luck!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Please tell me that your landlord is compensating you for all this amazing work you are doing to this apartment!How were you able to find this place,ten convince a landlord to let you do all the work,i.e. painting in beautiful colors other than white? I too rent in the bay area and have always managed to find some nice homes to rent that I didn't have to do any work on,but I would love to find a place that had good bones and have free reign to paint in colors other than white. I love you site and look forward to seeing all your progress.

Heather said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with how much you've gotten done in just a month! When confronted with my renovation list I found lots of things to do in order to avoid actually working on the house (that sock drawer must be organized!) so my projects took over a year, and believe me, it's SO much harder once you're living in the house. I can't wait to see more porgress!

emma said...

Thanks, I look forward to learning how you did it!