Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19th

Yesterday was a big day. We were able to prime the living room and bedroom, finished painting the hallway and started to tackle the gross kitchen situation. I am uploading photos of the progress and will fill in later with more photos and detailed punch list completions and product specifics including paint colors. I am very confident that this is the sweet week to complete.

Trust me when I tell you this color is actually amazing. It may not translate in photos but it kicks ass. we still have the top border to do but should be finished by weeks end. I have decided to love this color. It totally works

This first photo is the bedroom all ready for paint the second is the living room with no more margarine yellow to interfere with my concentration. That color was killing me.


Lori said...

Can you share the paint color you used in the hallway. I love it.

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Can I guess? Is it Sherwin Williams Heart of Palm? I used that and I love it too!
my version:

Happy March said...

I love the green in your hallway! I can't even imagine that it would be more amazing in person. What colour did you end up doing the border?

flip this said...

We haven't finished the border. I am waiting to list colors until I have the border done. The border is a cool surprise!