Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24th

I woke up this morning and realized that I need to start figuring out where all of my collections are going in the new space. I started documenting all my treats so I have a record of them as they travel from one apartment to another. I am including a few photos from that little morning project.

Richard painted the ceiling in the bedroom this morning which was just fantastic! I worked on plastering the 'showcase' wall and finished all of the painting in the kitchen. I am amazed at how quickly the day goes by and how much there is still left to do. I will include photos in tomorrows post of the finished kitchen and hopefully the finished living room.

I am on my way back up to scrub the inside of the kitchen cabinets. I have been reluctant to open them and really look inside. I finally worked up the nerve and guess what...they were gross. Go figure. I thought about taking a photo for the before shot but honestly it was just too unsavory.


Elizabeth said...

What an wonderful job your are doing. I'm confused if you are renting this apartment or you bought it. If you are renting it, I hope the landlord is giving you a great deal for all the work you have done. It's fun to check in on your progress,who isn't a sucker for Before and After pictures!!

flip this said...

Can you believe I am renting? My landlord has been really fantastic through this whole process. I don't plan on moving for a long time so its worth it to really sink my teeth into it now. Thanks for looking!