Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23, 2007

I was having my enormous cappuccino this morning as I was looking through this fantastic book of Cuban interiors, called Havana Style. (shown here) This book has been really inspiring me to push on through the process of finishing my living room wall. I am posting a few photos from the book that keep coming back as a reference. I hope you like them.

The plan today is to work on finishing the living room wall as well as painting the kitchen. This is what the living room looks like now...getting close.

Yesterday was a very long day...too long. I was feeling really crappy so I took something for 'extreme' colds and that pushed me through. I am just about finished with the kitchenette and am posting photos of before and after. I finished at 9:30 last night and promptly had a melt down. I was attempting to make matzo ball soup when all traces of the cold meds wore off and my body was just through. A big shout out to Richard for knowing I was in too deep just by the sound of my voice. He came home from the studio and brought spicy Thai soup for me. Anyway long story short I am going to TRY to take it easy today. We shall see.

The best part of the new kitchenette is the super subtle blue that we ended up with. I hope you can see the subtleties in the photos I am posting. It may come out looking white but trust me it is the best, most subtle blue. Remember that you can click on each individual photo to see a larger version.

I wish that I could figure out how to lay this all out so that the before and after always ended up side by side get the idea.

The punch list looks like this:
  1. scrubbed walls with Simple Green
  2. plaster cracks and general ish on showcase wall with light weight joint compound, pre mixed. Applied right out of the bucket and also applied one layer with blue pigment added to plaster for a nice background.
  3. primed ceiling to trim with Kilz Premium Primer
  4. painted ceiling with Kelly Moore Bright White Ceiling paint
  5. painted trim with Kelly Moore Soft Sesame trim, eggshell finish
  6. painted walls with Kelly Moore Fennel color #3865, eggshell finish
  7. scrubbed floors with heavy duty brush and Murphy's Oil soap (this was totally disgusting) (really disgusting)
  8. caulked all gaps with acrylic caulk
I still need to wax the plaster wall, strip cabinet hardware, clean cabinet glass and paint one last door frame but all in all its done.

The flowers were a housewarming gift from my neighbor. (so sweet)

I will post again tonight. Thanks for looking.


Leah said...
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Leah said...

Hey there,

I've been enjoying reading your blog and following your progress with the new apartment.

I did a post recently on another book on Cuban interiors that I thought you might enjoy:

All the best,


lsaspacey said...

Wow, the blue color is called Fennel. I always thought of Fennel as being a green color. Everything looks great.

flip this said...

maybe in nature but in the world of paint...well in the world of this paint it is a pale blue with a hint of green but primarily blue.