Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18th

Its early and I have a lot to do today. We have friends coming in from LA who we are having dinner with tonight so I need to get as much done as I can just as early as possible. Yesterday I painted the hallway color and most of the trim until it was dark out. I took a picture of it but will take a better picture today. The color ended up being a little fernish. I am a little nervous about it because it also could look a little split pea soupish. Richard says it looks "very Martha" so I am trying to stay optimistic. I was hoping for World of Interiors or Elle Decor but I don't think he knows those so getting the Martha nod totally works for me. I should know by the end of the day if I like it. Right now I am about 54%. Here is a photo I took on my morning walk. I hope my hallway ends up feeling like this.

Here is another list of things crossed of the day at a glance punch list which include everything from the past 4 days.

  1. Scrubbed the bathroom cabinet shelves with Simple Green. (this was startling and super gross)
  2. applied new contact paper to cabinet shelves with vintage Martha Stewart contact paper that I have been hording for at least 4 years. (this was unbelievably satisfying)

3. patched and sanded bathroom window frame, door and cabinet. (more like a Bondo application than spackle)

4. primed and painted hallway ceiling, walls and almost all of the trim
5. painted dinning room ceiling
6. removed dinning room door from its hinges
7. removed bathroom cabinet and bathroom vanity light as they were both making me crazy
8. added a light layer of plaster to bedroom wall that was stained and peeling from the radiator
9. finished sanding ceiling border cracks in the living room and primed for paint

I will post again later in the afternoon with pictures of the hallway and whatever else I am able to finish today.

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andy said...

Martha may have more street cred for serving time, but she ain't got nuthin' on you girl.