Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17th

It has been a few days since a posting but I have been so busy dealing with all of the ish in the new space. I went to Ikea on Friday with Brody and Cole to pick up shelving for the closet and lighting for the hallway. Ikea has a new shelf called the Jarpen you can buy whichever brackets you want and you can cut the shelf to fit so it will end up working better than my old favorite the Lack. The Lack is hollow so cutting is out of the questions. Brody and I were eating meatballs and making lists while Cole was playing with is a cute photo of them.

Although it feels like nothing is happening in the new apartment I just reviewed before photos and things are actually looking a lot less hopeless I am going up now to work on finishing the hallway and dinning room so I am just going to post a little before and after series until later today when I can go over it all in more detail.

Here is a lovely ceiling hole from beginning to primer. Final coat of paint goes on today.

Richard scrubbing walls. A look at the hallway with first coat of patch and then me sanding the patch

these two are the patched and then the sanded and primed stages of the hallway

Here is a before and almost after photo of the front door.

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