Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13th

I have been at it since early this morning and it is around 7pm. I am pooped but will still put in a few more hours. I am finally seeing some real big changes so I am thrilled and inspired to keep going.

The electrician came by and fixed all the wackadoo wiring throughout the apartment so I actually have light in the hallway. In addition I no longer have a kitchen light that goes on and off when it feels like it and a light switch in the living room instead of a naked switch plate with no switch. He was also kind enough to install my chandelier which looks amazing.

I finished painting the ceiling and the with the cute little honey of a chandelier the apartment is looking less like a hobo house and more like mine. A little story about the chandelier. When I first moved back to California from NYC I decided that I needed one big showcase chandelier for the living room. My budget was small but I wanted something unique and vintage as the theme for my apartment was faded Cuban glamour. My friend Brody and I were on our way back from having tea and we walked past a curb sale. There was this gorgeous chandelier sitting in this dirty cardboard box. It had a couple of broken arms and a few leaves that had fallen off and needed to be reattached. It was in bad shape so I got it for $20. I still can't believe it. I called around to find a place that would work on it and after finding out that a lot of lighting places employ rude ass people I found the man to fix her for me. I could really go on and on about how emaculate his studio was and how wonderfully he treated my baby but I will just find his contact info, and post it so you can find out yourself. Anyway the whole experience was fabulous and he did a perfect job so I needed to share that. He really felt a lot of love for my showcase item.

Here a few pictures of everything so far.

Day at a glance completed punch list looks like this:
  1. painted living room ceiling with Kelly Moore Bright White ceiling paint
  2. added another layer of plaster to living room wall to even out the cracks...two more layers to go
  3. added another shallow layer of plaster to the dinning room wall...tomorrow should be the last layer
  4. cleaned glass doors on kitchen cabinet (stripping those was truly a bitch)
  5. patched more woodwork and sanded
  6. skim coated the bedroom wall where the wallpaper from days of yore was peeling and then removed.
  7. added mountain landscape paper to inside of cabinet of curiosities in the dinning room.
  8. washed another layer of ish from the kitchen ceiling (totally gross)
  9. radiator removed
  10. chandelier installed
  11. electrical issues resolved in kitchen, living room and hallway
done and done


andy said...

Monique this is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished product in person. You are so talented! Congrats on your cozy new home honey.

Cora said...

I know you have made real progress when the chandelier goes up and brings light into your world. It looks so at home in this new space. Kudos to your progress and stamina.

The view outside looks great as well. Can't wait to see the place.

Anonymous said...

girl knows what she's doing.
- carter